OGAWA Genix 2.0 Hybrid Pro - (Emerald Green)

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Brand: OGAWA




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Product Description


Hybrid. PRO

Lesser Space for Bigger Plans. The all-new Pro Hybrid Mechanism delivers a massive upgrade in power and performance that allows you to get more, inside and out.


1.26m Sturdy Metal L Track

16 Powerful Inter-directional Airbag 

Dynamic Foot & Knee Massage Unit

Sofa Size. Chair Performance


Hybrid Got a Step-up

Augmenting on its Signature petite outlook is a new imaginative Foot & Knee massage unit that delivers an ultimate reflexology experience. 


Innovative. Flexibility. Imaginative 

Relaxation beyond Imagination

Suite of Massage Programs. Sweet

Feel exceptional everyday, every moment.


GNX 2 Specialty: Signature mode

Enliven Mode: All-time Fav

Happy Hour Mode: Working Crowd Fav

Beauty: Ladies’ Fav

Dream: Light intensity


Your Life. Your Style.

Connected to your Lifestyle


Yoga Flexibility

Awakens your inner mind and senses


Cradle Comfort

Gently Cradling you to sleep


Music all around

Sound immersion with bluetooth connectivity.


Control at your Fingertips

Control Panel, Phone Slots



Hybrid Pro Massage Mechanism

Genix 2.0’s superior comes from its ability to deliver the same massage quality to that of massage chairs.

With its extensive 1.26m massage L-Track built within the chair’s sturdy metal frame, the Genix is capable of delivering exceptional massage strength with reliable durability.


Silicone rollers ensure the perfect balance between comfort and massage intensity. 16 powerful inter-directional airbags re-energize and relieve your fatigued muscles effectively. The airbags expand and compress from side to side, shifting and stretching muscle groups at the waist and upper thigh area.


Comprehensive Massage Technology

With its special Zero-Gravity function, you can now lie back in perfect equilibrium and free yourself from all physical pressure.


The Genix 2.0 is also modest in size with innovative zero-wall technology, making it perfect for new homeowners concerned about space issues.

These functions are tailor-made with innovative, state of the art technology, tested and proven to maximize comfort and relaxation for all body types. 


Regain your lost flexibility beyond the yoga mat with Genix 2.0.

Body stretching in a massage chair is one of the most enjoyable functions. It is comparable to a lazy morning stretch right after waking up, and it gives an exceptionally pleasant way to relax and unwind.

Along with boosting your flexibility, Genix 2.0 is here to help you build muscle strength and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety.


Hybrid Leg Massage Unit

Versatile – Ultimate Leg Care

Sauna Relaxation – Thermotherapy

Boost your immune system to an all-time high with complete reflexology. Innovative and versatile features allow Genix 2.0 to massage your Calve | Knee | Thigh and Feet all at once, complete with thermal airbag therapy.



Net Weight: 57.5kg

Gross weight: 67.5kg

Reclined dimension: 151cm x 70.5cm x 84cm (LxWxH)

Upright dimension: 124.5cm x 70.5cm x 100cm (LxWxH)

Power Source: 220 ~ 240V, 50-60Hz



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