Anlene Gold 5X Plain Milk Powder 600g

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Brand: Anlene



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Product Description

Anlene Gold 5x Milk Powder is specially formulated for adults above the age of 51.


While you may already have a habit of consuming a glass of milk everyday, it’s never too late to make a healthier switch. Anlene Gold 5x Milk Powder has 4 times the Calcium content compared to any regular fresh milk. You can fulfill your daily requirement of Calcium with just 2 cups of Anlene Milk Powder.


With each sip of Anlene Gold 5x Milk Powder, you get the goodness of Collagen, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Protein, Zinc and Magnesium that will support your bones, cartilage, muscles and skin.


Live life to the fullest with Anlene Gold 5x Milk Powder. It will make your bones stronger and your joints more flexible, giving you the energy to tackle your day with ease and confidence.


Anlene everyday milk powder comes in a convenient ready-to-make powder format, perfect for people always on-the-go. Being a low-fat milk powder for adults, it’s the preferred healthy drink in Singapore. Anlene is made from the No.#1 milk producer in New Zealand.


Anlene Gold 5x Milk Powder is also available in a rich chocolate flavour -Anlene Gold 5x Chocolate Milk Powder.  


Disclaimer: Milk is one of the best sources of nutrition. It contains the right amount of all the nutrients needed to keep you agile and youthful. A healthy balanced diet together with regular exercise will help as you get older. Please consult your healthcare professional for support or advice. 



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