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Product Description

This deep, spherical-shaped pan is a pot, steamer and deep fryer in one and is regarded as one of the most important cooking utensils in Asia. And we love it, too!

Woks can be used not only for cooking authentic Asian-style dishes, but also for steaming, stewing and braising all kinds of vegetables, meat and fish.

The most popular cooking method is of course stir-frying, whereby ingredients are fried quickly over a high heat while continuously stirring.

Heat is evenly distributed in the deep, bulbous body, while vapours are released through the vent in the metal lid.

Traditional woks have two handles mounted on opposite sides, while others have a loop handle on one side and a stick handle on the other.

Today’s woks no longer have to be heavy to quickly conduct heat.

This is achieved by the patented TransTherm® universal base, which can be used on all hobs. WMF woks are dishwasher-safe.

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