WMF Kochgeschirr-Set 4Tlg Saphir 0725246380

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Product Description

WMF KOCHGESCHIRR 4 pcs set consist of:

- 16cm high casserole (Capacity 2L)

- 20cm high casserole (Capacity 3.5L)

- 24cm high casserole (Capacity 6L)

- 16cm saucepan (Capacity 1.5L)

The crockery is made of stainless steel and therefore brings a variety of advantages: It not only looks great, but is also extremely robust, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Handling is particularly easy.

Furthermore, it has a very good heat storage. The cookware is also heat-resistant.

Thanks to the ferromagnetic base, the cookware is also suitable for an induction cooker. Suitable for the dishwasher.

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