Philips Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator BRE730 with 7 accessories, exfoliating glove and storage pouch

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Product Description

Powerful hair removal. Gentle on the skin

The Philips 8000 series epilator offers powerful yet gentle hair removal so you can enjoy smooth skin on your lower legs in less than 10 minutes.

Enjoy more than hair removal with additional accessories

Powerful hair removal. Gentle on the skin

Smooth skin for up to 4 weeks

For legs, body and feet Powerful hair removal + 7 accessories

Gentle hair removal for smooth skin up to 4 weeks

The Philips 8000 series epilator offers powerful but gentle hair removal with its improved tweezers and over 70,000 hair gripping actions per minute.

This means that you can cover more skin and achieve flawless smoothness for up to 4 weeks. Treat your lower legs in just 10 minutes!

Extremely wide epilating head

The extremely wide epilating head covers more skin with each pass for faster hair removal.

Ergonomic s-shaped handle

With the ergonomic S-handle, you can easily steer for maximum control and better access with natural and precise movements all over your body.

Wireless use of dry and wet in the bathroom or shower

Designed with anti-slip handle, ideal for use with water. Allows more comfortable and gentle hair removal in the shower or in the bathroom. You can use it without a cord for maximum convenience.

The unique light ensures that you will not miss the fine hairs

The unique lamp ensures that you will not miss the fine hairs for the best epilation results for all parts of the body.

Shaving head and trimming comb for a smooth shave

The shaving head provides a smooth shave and more tenderness in different areas of the body. It comes with a hair comb to make shaping your bikini area easier.

Exfoliating glove helps prevent ingrown hairs

The use of an exfoliating glove helps prevent ingrown hairs during epilation.

Electric foot file with rotating disc for satin smooth feet

Our 3-in-1 rotating precision disc gives you smoothness from toe to toe in just 5 minutes. Use the flat surface for larger areas, the top for smaller areas, and the curved side for hard-to-saw areas. It is so easy.

Sensitive area cap to remove unwanted hair

For additional delicacy in the necessary areas, a nozzle for delicate areas is included for easy removal of unwanted hair from the face, armpits and bikini line.

Optical contact tip for maximum comfort

Epilate with ease and experience maximum comfort with the tip for optimal contact. It is designed to reduce skin plucking and discomfort by gently stretching the area you are treating so that you do not need to do so.

A storage bag is included in the kit to store everything in one place. Attractive bag so you can store everything in one place.

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