Mi Dual Driver Earphones

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Please note: we have earphone with type-c plug and earphone with 3.5mm plug in the option,when you make order,please choose right plug,thanks.

Original Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone Type-C Plug Half In-Ear USB Wired Control MEMS Microphone BRE02JY Mi Dual Driver Earphone

1.USB Type-c interface/Moving ring+ceramic speaker double unit acoustic architecture

2.Semi-in-ear con\mfort wear/High toughness wire+MEMS microphone remote control

3.Digital decoder chip: highly restored,lossless transmission

4.Dynamic unit :easily interpret mid-low frequency sound

5.Ceramic horn:High frequency performance accurately restores the natural sound quality

6.Half in-ear wearing structure:Tailored comfort for the ear

​7.MEMS microphone remote control:Listen to the song and master the hand


Xiaomi Dual Driver Earphone x 1,manual x 1

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (7)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (14)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (8)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (13)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (11)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (12)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (9)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (10)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (22)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (20)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (21)Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (17)

3.5mm plug

Half In Ear, All Into Heart

Comfortable Wearing

Dynamic + piezoCeramic Dual Driver

MEM Mic + 3 Button Control

Tenacity Wire + L-Shape Plug

Perfect For Xiaomi phones , Some Phones May can Listenning Music and talk calling Only,Control Key Buttons may do not works.

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (15)

Hottie of Great Skill

Classic black and white color adopted,

clear shaped, smooth crafted, 

like jewelry beside cheeks, 

mini cute yet lustering

​as music flowing

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (19)

Comfy Wearing

Half in ear ergonomic design for a comfortable wearing experience every season

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (18)

Tenacity Wire

TPE tenacious wire, not easy twisted, remain soft even in winter.

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (29)

MEM Mic, 3 Button Control

Easy switch, clear talk, enjoy phone calling and music playing

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (26)

L-Shape Plug for Cellphone

less press and more life, free rotating and anti-twist

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (30)

Not leave even asleep for such comfort

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (27)

Taste music and tea in a peace afternoon

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (28)

Inspired by a nice melody in working time

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (24)

Innovative Express from High to Low Frequency

a new way to express music by stacking a multi-layer piezoceramic driver with a dynamic driver, 

to create a non-division 20-40k Hz balanced sound experience.

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (23)

Dynamic driver works great for low-mid frequency

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (25)

Ceramic driver provides a direct thus low loss high frequency

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (34)

Hi-Res Audio Certificated

Precise restore sound details more than CD quality

Xiaomi Hybrid DC Earphone (33)