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Product Description

• Consumes less electricity to achieve higher temperatures
• Reducing cooking time and saves electricity
• Finely processed & Skilfully treated removal clay pot
• Thick high tempered glass lid

Nothing beats being greeted with hearty home-cooked meals after a long, tiring day. With a slow cooker, certain food like stews, soups, and pot roast can be simmered without the need to constantly monitor your pot. The latest and functional Iona 1.0L auto slow cooker features a removable ceramic inner pot to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly. The pot is removable, so you can clean it after use. This elegantly-designed slow cooker comes with three settings – Automatic, High, and Low – to cater various foods with different cooking times. With Iona’s Multi-Purpose Electric Slow Cooker, whipping up healthy yet delicious meals is no longer a hassle.

Safety : 120185-12
Voltage : 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 120W
Capacity : 1.0L
Dimension : 22 x 16 x 20.5cm
Weight : 1.74
Serving : 2-3