DIBEA D500B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Remove one stressful task from your weekly choresby using this professional automated robotic vacuum that picks up pet hair,dust, crumbs, dirt, debris, and all other small particles quickly andefficiently even in hard to reach areas of your home. Monitor the cleaning viaAPPS and control the robot from anywhere in the world!

AWARD WINNING- D-shape smart robot comes with APPS usuallyfor high end robot, D500 is a specialised to tackle corner cleaning effectivelyby going closer to walls and edges, under beds, sofas etc.

SMART APPS – Dibea D500 comes withgreat intelligence by allowing user to watch and be impressed by its ability tomap its cleaning. Now you can control the robot from anywhere in the world.

PERFECT FOR PET HAIR - This roboticvacuum cleaner has a well calibrated super strong suction without overpowering.Equipped with two side brushes and a main roll brush, which can suck up pethair dirt and debris without issue. Besides working effectively on hard floor,Dibea D500 robot vacuum cleaner is also able to clean carpet. With itsexcellent off-road skills,

PERFECT FOR ANY FLOOR: No matter whatkind of floor your home has, our cleaner will get the job done. Great for tile,hard wood floors, and short carpets! With one touch power-up technology, youcan get your vacuum started and clean the entire house by just lifting yourfinger!

DUAL-FILTER FOR A CLEANER HOME: Thevacuum uses a HEPA filter that’s perfect for keeping both your floor and airfree of dust, mites, and other small particles that can pose potential dangerto your health. Our machine is allergy and pet friendly so it’s a must-have inevery home.

SMART SENSORS KEEP IT PROTECTED: Itutilizes anti-fall cliff sensors to automatically detect gaps and edges so itdoesn’t fall off the stairs or other high areas. A smart bumper sensor helps itavoid obstacles and keep it intact if it makes contact with a wall.

HELPFUL MOPPING FEATURE &ACCESSORIES: Not just a vacuum but it a mop too! It comes with a mopping padand cloth to keep your floors shining and spotless. Our device utilizes asrechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery, up to 120 minute run time on one charge.