Botanist Botanical Shampoo - Apricot & Jasmine (Moist) Refill Pack 440ml

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  • Refill pack
  • Multi-awards winning haircare from Japan
  • Made from over 90% plant-derived ingredients and pure water
  • Provides moisture for hair and scalp
  • Gentle Formula - Formulated without silicones
  • Leaves hair stronger, healthier and shinier
  • Glamorous Apricot and Jasmine fragrance

No.1 Best Selling Shampoo
Multi-Award Winner

Best Shampoo Award in the UK’s biggest 
beauty related awards at The Beauty Shortlist in 2017

Japan Rakuten’s top selling hair care with 
over 200 million bottles sold.

Over 90% of the Botanist range is comprised of water and plant-derived ingredients that are gentle to the hair and scalp. It is silicone-free and sulfate-free.

We all know that silicone makes the hair smoother and shinier. However, the silicone also settles on the scalp and can trigger allergies, eczema and psoriasis. It doesn’t wash away and continues to build up every time you use the conditioner or shampoo containing silicone. Over time, your hair will become heavy and listless and eventually leads to hair loss!! 

That's why it is important to use silicone-free haircare. 

The natural ingredients selected helps to retain suppleness of hair while maintaining a healthy and refreshed scalp. 

Suitable for those with dandruff, dry scalp, itchiness and scalp irritation concerns. It is also gentle, mild and suitable for the whole family.

2 main types - Moist & Smooth

The Botanist Moist series provides high moisture to dry hair, it also helps to repair damaged hairdryness, brittleness and gives it a soft finish

The caps for the Moist series are black in colour. The Botanist Botanical Shampoo Moist’s high moisturising finish gives hair flexibility even if the hair is damaged. Follow this with the Botanist Treatment Moist for hair repair to get a soft finish.

Both the Shampoo and Treatment’s formulations include coconuts, oil palm, maize and sugar cane. The Shampoo has an Apricot and Jasmine scent, while the Treatment has an Apple and Berry scent.

Recommended for: those who are concerned about damaged hair, dryness and brittleness. 


If you love the sun and not planning to give it up anytime soon, you should try this shampoo. There’s a reason why I recommend buying a whole year supply when it’s possible. It is by far the best shampoo I have ever tried and I am sharing this magical shampoo with you here. 

I have long and thick hair. I always need to use more than one palm size amount of shampoo whenever I need to wash my hair. With Botanist Shampoo, only 1/3 of that amount is enough to clean my hair thoroughly. I love how soft the shampoo feels on my hair. The scent is too amazing to describe in words. - minneeme

I’m very particular when it comes to shampoos and treatments mainly because I’ve over-bleached my hair over the past year (4 times to be exact) and my hair is damaged to the point of no return. The Smooth range feels really light on my hair 
– which is a good thing because my hair is flat enough as it is. It leaves my hair feeling airy. Staying true to its promise of volumizing the hair, Botanist delivered. 

But the most amazing part of all, it has tamed my broken hair. On normal days with my regular shampoo, this part of my hair would be frizzy and gets tangled really easily. And I’m more than pleased to find out that Botanist has managed to calm it down and make it look presentable. Based on this factor alone, I give Botanist my stamp of approval. I’m definitely a convert. 

After using both the shampoo and treatment for 2 weeks consecutively, I’m still thoroughly impressed. No hair product has been able to keep my overly damaged hair tame but Botanist managed to do it. My hair now looks healthier than ever. 
- Melanie Chow

I love how soft the shampoo feels on my hair. The green apple & rose scent smells so good and refreshing. This is because the specially selected double fragrances work perfectly. I used to be very obsessed with my straightening iron to keep my hair in place and to prevent frizzy hair but I don’t have to do that anymore!! My hair feels super lightweight and shiny even after blow-drying. - kampungboycitygal

My hair is thin, soft and damaged. The top of my head is flattened and I have sensitive scalp. I have been using it for a week, and I love how soft the shampoo feels on my hair and scalp, the scent is sweet, fresh and pleasant.

My hair looked softer before hair drying, and I felt my hair is super lightweight, smooth, shine and easy to style after drying! Trust me, you will love the signature double green apple and rose or apple and berry scents. - duogigs


The unique double fragrance is a nice refreshing combination!

The shampoo I'm trying is green apple + rose.

The apple + berry treatment that I'm trying is a sweeter blend to me.

 Shampoo's texture is more watery and runny but adequate amount is enough.

Small and smooth bubbles.

It cleanses and nourishes your hair without stripping necessary oil.

- daphnecharice

Well-loved by celebrities such as actress Yamada Yu, Takahashi Minami from AKB48 and Jae Joong from JYJ!


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