Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Employees

There are a lot of ways for companies and bosses to bond with employees. The usual ways are organizing team buildings as well as Christmas or year-end parties. These are also events where employees are recognized and given awards like service awards, outstanding employee awards, and some comical recognitions which can be a good way to send them a message to improve on their performance as well as personality.

Christmas is coming, which is one of the things employees look forward to every year. This means bonuses, corporate gifts, recognitions, and more. Oftentimes, companies make advance planning on ways to celebrate Christmas with employees. But, if you are one of those companies that don’t have any plans yet or you ran out of plans to engage your employees this Christmas, then read the following to get some ideas.

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Host an Award/Recognition Ceremony

Employees love to be rewarded for their hard work and for the service they give. Hosting an award and recognition ceremony during the Christmas season excites them. Employee recognition is a great way to engage staff and let them know they are valued, and their hard work is appreciated. Aside from plaque of appreciation, give them an extra rewards such as monetary or gift cheques. They will surely treasure the awards and gifts as well as admire your generosity as their employer.

Alternative Recognition/Awarding

Aside from the outstanding performers and service awards, you can consider comical awards or joke awards such as ‘most talkative staff’, ‘most annoying staff’, ‘the slacker’, or ‘messiest desk’ awards, which can be based on an HR poll. It can be a fun way to split awards while also an indirect way to send messages to underperforming staff. It’s a great way to bond as well as let these awardees redeem themselves, look for ways for improvement and be more considerate at work.

Give Incentives

Incentives even simple gifts help with employee productivity. Gift for employees such as gift certificates, shopping discounts, even a simple Christmas card can make them feel valued and rewarded. For corporates, SmartMall can be a helpful tool to find great items for Christmas gifts because it offers a range of products both employees and clients will love. The items are sold at good prices and offered at exclusive corporate prices.

Another good reward scheme is to allow them to leave early from work to join their family on Christmas day. For salespeople, when they already hit their target sales, let them go home to celebrate with their families. It’s one of the sweetest gifts you can give to them in this much-awaited season.

While it’s a great way to reward employees during the Christmas season, it’s very important to engage them throughout the year. Inspire them to work better by rewarding them with the things they deserve for their hard work. It’s the end of the year and it’s the best time to encourage them so they will look forward to the next year working in the same company.