4 Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued

The frequent reason why an employee leaves a company is the lack of appreciation. When their value, time, and effort go unnoticed, they won’t think twice about staying any longer and will search for other workplaces where they can feel truly valued.

Most of the time employers look at their employees and staff as just a workforce who needs to do their jobs and contribute to the company’s growth while in fact, they are the important assets to protect and invest in for the company to flourish.

Employee Appreciation / Recognition

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To avoid losing assets like your talented employees, you should learn to protect their interests and show employee appreciation. Let’s look at some ways.

1. Recognition

This is the obvious reason why an employee stays in a company. Recognizing their abilities and giving them rewards make them feel they get what they deserve for their hard work. It can be in any form of a simple announcement, plaque, certificates, as well as bonuses, raises, and promotions. You can have a small or quick town hall and held a top employee recognition to the deserving ones which can also inspire not just those that will be rewarded but also other staffs to give their best too.

2. Work-life-balance

Make them feel that you value not just them but also their life outside work, their family, and personal development. Be a boss that encourages employees to work hard but only during working hours. Make them know that you won’t steal their time rather push them to go home early to rest and spend time with their families after a long day at work. This is one of the proven staff appreciation tricks that make employees stay in a company.

3. Faith in their expertise

Give them responsibilities and tasks they will enjoy not because it’s easy or it’s their interest but because it’s challenging. If every day it’s a repetitive task for them, they will get bored and eventually feel stagnant. Consistently find new ways to challenge your employees by developing new projects, letting them train new hires, and engage in more advanced tasks. Just remember to assign tasks accordingly as you might over-challenge them which could lead to burn-out.

4. Career advancement opportunities

You should invest on your employees. This is also one of the great ways to invest in your company. Send your employees to training that will expand their skillsets. When employees can acquire sponsored training, they feel blessed and motivated as not all employers offer this kind of company benefits. It’s a win-win situation as when you help your employees grow their careers, you’re developing assets that will eventually help your business to succeed.

To truly make individuals feel valued, reward them according to their accomplishments, give them challenging assignments, show them that you need them in your team, create new opportunities for them and make time to connect with them.

When employees feel that they are important for an organization, they are more likely to go above and beyond for you. They feel accountable for their responsibilities as well as feel confident and happy which makes them less likely to leave.